Oil on canvas | 122 x 152.5 cm | 2020

'Intra’s Net'

Art and Philosophy

"A meditative thought from beginning to end. A process of self-becoming."


A sudden thought emerged during an afternoon meditation, a glimpse from the heart’s moment of emptiness. It freely occupied the soul and blossomed from within. Just before the thought retreated, another slowly emerged and curiously manifested itself, then took over its predecessor to blossom in its own right. Yet, another contending thought emerged. One after another, they came into existence, contending for room and attention, until contending thoughts no longer arose. What’s left intact is but the heart’s manifestations. Intra’s Net, comes from an afternoon when tranquility was broken and emerges as the product of thought.



"一個思考的出現至完結, 其演變的運作過程。"


一個寧靜的下午打座, 在內心虛空無一物的一剎那, 忽然一個念頭闖進來, 自由地佔據內心的空間盛放著。但當念頭並未消失, 另一個念頭緩緩冒起, 探出頭來窺看, 然後佔據前者,把自己盛放於整個空間之中。但是, 再被下一個念頭窺看....如是這地, 一個接一個, 緊接和依附, 出現與窺看, 佔據與盛放。直到最後一個沒有再被窺看, 能完整地呈現圖象。心網作品, 來自寧靜中被打破的下午, 但也是內心在構思的過程。

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