Oil on canvas | 116 x 80 | 2020

'Unlimited Splendour 3.0'

"Emotions amplify even the dimmest of lights." 

This piece on fireworks emerged primarily from a delightful childhood memory. My father once brought me to watch live fireworks, and it became a deeply imprinted memory that played an important role in my personal growth. Whenever I come across an obstacle, this pleasant memory radiates light and positivity within me. It provides me with support and encouragement comparable to that of a father.

"多麼暗淡的光芒, 亦能因情緒而發光發亮。"

這個作品主要來自我童年一個快樂的回憶。一場父親帶我看過的現場煙花。這個回憶深深印記於我內心之中,成為我成長過程中, 每當遇上任何挫折時, 這個燦爛的回憶就會在內心發揮著正面的光明, 以作支持, 就像父親在身邊給予力量的鼓勵。

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