Artist Bio
Kacey Ko is born in Hong Kong, she graduated with honours and a scholarship award from the Open University of Hong Kong. Ko studies psychology and its relationship with the arts and explores through her work the intersection between moments of realism and fantasy to create pieces that bridge visual boundaries.
高嘉莉 (Kacey) 生於香港, 以獎學金榮譽畢業於香港公開大學。高氏專注研讀心理與藝術之間的關係,從創作中嘗試尋找現實與非現實的交疊,並呈現出穿越不同視覺界限的作品。
Artist Statement:
Daily life brings about stresses to the human body, spirit and soul. Society’s injustices and hardships create forms of anxiety and trauma that ultimately requires the treatment of positivity and optimism. Through my works, I hope to show a free-spirited world view, allowing the audience to wash away their loneliness with eclectic colours, and to display through heavy brushstrokes a hardened soul.
人除了肉體外,精神、情感與心靈都拘囿於現實的沉重壓力。 一切社會不公和生活桎梏,帶來形形色色的焦慮和創傷。這時候,人似乎需要一股正面和樂觀的力量,讓身心靈獲得療癒。通過創作,我希望展現無拘束的世界觀,並以厚重的筆觸展現心靈的堅毅,讓觀者透過色彩洗滌內心的孤寂。
Selected Exhibitions:
PRÉCÉDÉE Art Space​​​​​​​, Eclectic - Kacey Ko Solo Exhibition, May 26 - 30, 2021
Jockey Club Creative Arts Centre, Art Is @Live Charity Exhibition, Mar 12 - 14, 2021
Personal Studio, "Mini Art Exhibition", Jan - Apr, 2021
Hong Kong City Hall, "HK Oil Painting Elite Exhibition", Feb 21 - 23, 2020
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